Emma is the most inspiring teacher I've ever had.  Her workshops are a heady mixture of learning an amazing new skill, turning your imagination to beautifully wearable jewellery, and laughing your head off.

Emma Freud, May 2013

I teach silver clay workshops at my cottage in Cambridgeshire, at the Cambridge University Botanic Gardens and at venues round the UK. 

Silver clay is a rather unpromising-looking grey clay to which we add shape and texture and then fire on an ordinary gas hob. This process leaves fine silver (99%).

The process is like modern-day alchemy.

During my workshops we make pendants using a combination of hand-modelling, imprinting with textiles and stamps and pressing the clay into silicon moulds of tiny found objects such as fossils or metal-detecting finds. These moulds are like an archive of small, beautiful artefacts which we can cast into wearable silver versions.

We also gather leaves from my garden and imprint them into the clay. These are, in effect, silver fossils. The leaves themselves become compost but the pendants endure and can be worn in the winter to remember warmer days.

All the pendants and charms pictured on this page were made by beginners.

Once dried and fired the charms are polished and the fine silver is revealed.

This is always a *very* exciting moment indeed (so far three people have actually cried with craft joy). 

Once the charms and pendants are polished we attach them to silver chains to make beautiful necklaces. Sometimes we have time to add a few gemstones and freshwater pearls to your designs.

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You can read about the workshop that Karen Ball, children's author and sewing blogger extraordinaire, attended on 4th August 2012 here.

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