Studio & garden

My garden studio is modelled on a Southwold beach hut and it's where I make most of my jewellery. In the summer I keep the doors open. It's a lovely place to work. 

My garden is a constant source of inspiration for my jewellery-making. I have a let-live attitude to all the seedlings that emerge. This means that many of the plants and flowers in my garden are self-seeded. It's a jumbly kind of garden but I like it that way and I love to sketch the flowers and leaves and make them in silver.

I have found that the following flowering plants self seed easily: aquilegias (Granny's bonnet), dog daisies (Leucanthemum), feverfew, red valerian, forget-me-nots, cow parsley, cornflowers, poppies (Californian and native hybrids), marigolds.


Nik said...

Very beautiful! What an idyllic place to work.

Anonymous said...

Your workspace is divine! Would love to recreate something like that for my crafty (non jewellery) outlets but alas I live in Dundee and each summer I live in hope for glorious sunshine (like I had when I lived in St Ives, Cambs) but alas since moving here in 2006 it has been.....rubbish really! No water bans up here, put it that way! Hope you have many glorious days designing and making in your AMAZING studio x kindest regards, Fiona Morrison

The Little Floating Craft Company said...

Your workspace is just stunning, and as an outdoorsy kind of person I love how much you can truly engage with the flora and fauna there! And your work is beautiful - I'm particularly taken by the beehive and the buttons! So lovely to have met you at the Wicken Market today and I'm really glad to have discovered your work!!

Hannah Richell said...

Emma, I've just been browsing your website and found this page with your studio on it. What an amazing space to work in. I am very envious. I would love a writing studio that looks JUST like this. What lovely style you have ... and what amazing, creative talent. Thank you again for doing such a wonderful job with my commissions. x