Friday, 18 April 2014

...and here is the news

Detail of my Nightingales and Other Voices exhibit at Snape Maltings recently

Here is Gordon Burns, a common sight at 6pm on Look Northwest in my Liverpudlian youth. He looks stern, because the Pebbly news is late.

My announcement of the results of the Flowery Hats giveaway is horribly belated. Sorry. 

The winner is *drumroll* the lovely, beautifully iced BakeBakeGirl (also a member of the TwitKnit club). You have won a silver cornflower necklace. CONGRATULATIONS. 

I held my first ever exhibition with Angela Harding at Snape Maltings on 5th & 6th April. It was wonderful, tiring, exciting, inspiring and I'm still slightly overawed. I displayed my work as a sort of Victorian collector's cabinet or tiny museum of songbirds (silver, not stuffed). Angela's oil paintings can be seen on the wall. My favourite, Walberswick Still Life, in the middle, sold during the exhibition.

A huge thankyou to Angela, Nikki and Alesha at Snape and everyone who came along and helped to tweet about it.

I held a workshop at the Cambridge University Botanic Gardens a month or so ago. We imprinted silver clay with needles from the Sequoias (Giant redwoods) that grow on the pine walk - they were the subject of study by John Stevens Henslow, Darwin's mentor and friend and the founder of the garden. He used them to demonstrate diversity amongst groups of similar organisms. We also made prints of primrose leaves (bottom left in the mosaic above). Darwin was fascinated by primroses and their (ahem) reproductive parts. Click here if, like me, you enjoy a spot of plant nerdery. 

We also made casts of antique buttons (top right), an ammonite (bottom right) and the detail of a hare on the lid of an antique Nepalese votive box (top left).

There are plans for me to hold fossil-themed workshops at the Sedgwick Museum in 2015, where I drew hundreds of fossils with my fountain pen just over a year ago. I'm v excited about this.

Yesterday Littlest and I found a ladybird. We called her Scarlett and made her a house in a tupperware (with lots of airholes in the clingfilm roof ). Scarlett is pictured above in Littlest's drawing. I picked several leaves from my roses to provide a three course meal for her (aphids, sigh). She tucked into them with glee. This morning Littlest announced that Scarlett had 'done some strange yellow poos.' On close examination I realised they were ladybird eggs! I am to be a ladybird midwife. I hope to be like Chummy (Camilla Fortescue Cholmondeley-Brown) - filled with common sense and Woolton Pie.

We have placed the box carefully next to said roses so that when they hatch into little dragon-ish larvae they'll have aphid snacks galore. We are considering crocheting microscopic hats for them.

It is Easter. More on this story later. (Exquisite pale teal eggs by Celia's v clever hens)


acornmoon said...

Happy Easter to you. Your exhibition looks wonderful, your talents had good company too.

saffa said...

I'm so pleased our exhibition went well emma :) i love the bird and branch necklaces, very pretty. congratulations to the winner too! Happy Easter to you,safxxx

Julie said...

Congratulations to your winner and Happy Easter to you and all the Pebbles. xx

saffa said...

I meant 'your' exhibition, doh!

Janine Marques said...

Happy Easter my dear friend
Blessings with love

Mrs. Micawber said...

Congrats to the lucky BakeBakeGirl!

Another beauty-filled post ... what a lovely exhibition display. Happy Easter to you and yours. :)

CJ said...

I'm glad your exhibition went well. The necklaces made by imprinting into silver clay are fantastic. I hope you have a good Easter.

Gina said...

Your exhibition looks as though it was lovely. Good luck with the ladybird babies and happy Easter to you all

Rachel said...

Good to know the exhibition was a success!

Annie @ knitsofacto said...

So chuffed for you that the exhibition went well. Such sweet pieces you made. And yes I'm always up for some plant nerdery, I'm off to check it out now.

Sue said...

Such loveliness.

By the way I think you should make some chia seed inspired jewellery for Coffee Lady.

sea-blue-sky & abstracts said...

What a lovely post Emma, starting with the highlighting of the role of the beautiful Blackthorn, which provides such a valuable habitat for birds. The jewellery you have created is so pretty. Good luck with the show. Angela Harding's paintings are fab! Lesley x

Curlew Country said...

Oh I do wish I could have visited your exhibition, I'd have been in awe. It all looks truly beauteous, so glad it went well.

I think you will have to do a north west retrospective just so I can pop over!

Good luck with the creepy-crawly mid-whiffing!
Steph x

Katie Bedlow said...

So beautiful! Yours&Angela's work compliment each others so well, wonderful combination! That workshop at the Botanic Gardens sounds absolutely brilliant, what a great idea!


Frances said...

A very Happy Easter to you and yours, Emma.

Also congratulations on that beautiful exhibit that paired two splendid artists's work.

The ink drawings show all sorts of silverworking possibilities. And the ladybug adventure is rather amazing. Do keep us posted.

I imagine that all your classes are going to be fully booked!

Best wishes, xo

Thimbleanna said...

As always, your silverwork is gorgeous. And to be a Ladybird Wife! How exciting! I'd love to see what little teeny baby ladybirds look like!!!

Caroline South said...

So glad that your exhibition went well Emma, I love how you displayed your work! Hope you've had a wonderful Easter. xx

Handmade in Israel said...

Your exhibition looks lovely. I am waiting to see that Ladybird babies look like now :)

jade said...

Your jewellery designs are beautiful, I love the way that you have used nature for your inspiration for your jewellery designs and you have managed to create a delicate piece of silver jewellery just stunning

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