Thursday, 24 May 2012

In the last four years


...discovered a truly fabulous and talented group of fellow crafters (notebook with vintage linens by Val, quilt by Thriftyhousehold)

...found a place where it's OK to do handmade show and tell

...had a baby, who will be going to school very soon (yikes)

...learnt to use silver clay - and then to enamel it

...grown passionate about photography

...realised that having a jumbly, self seeded, messy-ish garden is a good thing

...swapped workspaces with the Mr

...had a tutorial published...but mostly had a massive amount of FUN.

It's been busy - and wonderful, but the very best thing about blogging is the support, encouragement and particularly the friendship to be found both online and in real life. It's spurred me on, it's quashed self doubt, it's made me laugh, it's provided a window to the outside world on the toughest of days when my little ones were tiny and it's given me confidence I didn't have before. It made me realise that leaving my previous scientific job was a good thing to have done after all. I wanted to find a a way to say thankyou. I thought of an etsy shop discount - not quite right. I had an urge to send a thankyou parcel to every reader - not possible. Instead I made a necklace for each of the four years I've been blogging. They're in the second photo down. The seasidey one has a little silver pebble. The button-ish one has a little silver button. I'll be giving them away in the traditional way (just tell me which one you prefer). Starting a blog is one of the best things I've done. Thankyou so much xxx

(oh and HUGE thanks for all the cake, both real and virtual) x

Many thanks for all the lovely comments. Giveaway now closed.

Thursday, 10 May 2012


The last few weeks have been a whirlwind: a birthday, chicken pox, a small knitting breakthrough and our village May Fair (washed out I'm afraid). The jewellery-making has been a joy recently, with several special and very lovely commissions and lots of teaching. It's an old story, I've spoken of it before, but as I get a little busier I'm in danger of neglecting the silverpebble blog.

I thought I'd stop worrying about having a particular story to tell and instead log in and simply share snippets of what we've been up to. I hope you'll forgive the mish mash.

I passed *that* landmark birthday last week. The Mr and Eldest bought the most exquisite posy of flowers for me (see above). I'm hoping that my birthday boots (Fly, Let II) defy the onset of middle age, just a little. They are the upside of the dreary weather.

As part of my birthday weekend I went to the Peacocks Tearoom with five good friends. Delicious things were brought out on cake stands. There was a spot of pink champagne and a mahoosive number of scones. It was wonderful.

I was thrilled to be asked by Stephanie from the blog Millefeuilles to make one of her daughter Heloise's sixteenth birthday presents. We settled on a silver bell design: church-style rather than sleigh. They ring, in a tiny silvery way and Stephanie has written a lovely blogpost about the necklace here.

I'd heard over on twitter that the sixteen-year-old Teen Granny was to hold her very first knitting workshop recently. There was no doubt I needed help. I had been flummoxed by the Baktus and had all but given up. I was so glad I was in London that day because the workshop was excellent. I was taught new ways to cast on, re-learned long forgotten casting off skills and came away with confidence I didn't have before. Huge thanks to Scarlett. I promptly knitted one of Julie's teeny tiny rabbits (see top image). I was so excited about this success that I did a small dance. I had to make the bunny a pink swarovski tiara, to celebrate.

In a couple of days my blog reaches its fourth birthday. Here is my first ever post written just weeks before I gave birth to littlest, and this is one of the first images I ever uploaded. So much has happened since then. I will be marking the occasion next week...