Thursday, 22 September 2011


The week before last was bonkers: stacks of jewellery-making, starting teaching at The Make Lounge in London and fruit pie coordination at a village picnic.

As I said, bonkers. After all that I definitely qualified for zombie status. Mr P took one look at me and suggested I have a break I thought a nap would be good but he insisted I have a night away.

I rang Mrs TH and a day or two later we stayed at Rifleman's cottage run by Pomona and the Head Chef.

Cue the following:

woodburning stove, lovely bloggy chat, homemade flapjack, fish and chips, roast pork dinner, wine, picking hedgerow fruit, stupendous breakfast, trip to the seaside, apple crumble and custard,

...not necessarily in that order. There was also a tour round their beautiful permaculture garden, introduced to pigs, dogs and chickens and were given a crate of homegrown fruit to take home. Ace! The only drawback? I forgot my camera card.

There are two bedrooms - one double and one twin so enough space for a whole family.

It's a fabulous place to stay. You will be looked after.

Friday, 16 September 2011


Tiny happy

I've been thinking about collecting. Why do it? Why isn't one enough?

Some think it's driven by an ancient hunter gatherer urge to collect nuts and berries. It makes sense. One hazelnut doesn't make much of a meal.

Jackie, Rebecca at poshyarns

The Victorians were big collectors, driven by a boom in museum-going and a national passion for nature.

Some collecting urges have changed whole economies.

Jackie, Val, Lucie

Modern collections of everyday, even throwaway objects can be just as beautiful.


Some old wine glasses and the odd bowl of pebbles aren't going to threaten the treasury. Surely I have enough of each and yet I still get excited by finding a hagstone. There aren't any witches round here as far as I know and the glasses are too delicate to use very often.


Me (experiment with pencil drawing on shrinkles)

Inherited from Aunty Minnie (Victorian silver)

Crafty Rie, from the Flowerpress brooch swap - thankyou!

My badge and brooch collection makes a little more sense. Many were made by bloggers and I wear them daily.  I own something they have made, however small. Life's busy so I can't meet them in person as often as I'd like, if at all. They help me remember some good days when we did meet. They're precious.

Lucie, Sasha and Elisabeth (made from a vintage plate), cornflower from RSPB

What do you collect?

Friday, 9 September 2011

Nature Table Series

We've been going for walks. Short walks, because one of us has quite short legs, but we've been bringing back Treasures and Precious Things: pinecones, seedpods, acorns, berries. It's good when treasure is free.

The shapes were so lovely that I began to make necklaces and earrings inspired by the little ones' nature table.

I thought it might be nice to make a second little silver bucket to put some tiny finds in.

Then I heard I'd been accepted to have a virtual table at Poppytalk Handmade's new Mix Tape Market.

Cue some excited dancing about, and some more Making and some Etsying and then some Forgetting to Eat My Lunch. My hair is a bonkers fright wig, but that's because I've been Busy.

The result is the Nature Table Series - a collection of silver things for Autumn.

The Mix Tape Market starts on Monday (12th). There will be lots of beautiful handmade goods so do pop over to Poppytalk Handmade and have a look - there's a link just over there in my sidebar.

Tuesday, 6 September 2011


When I started this blog a good friend of mine was sceptical.

'Why on earth would you want to look at pictures of hand-knitted socks?'. It was a good question, one that also lurked in my mind at the time.

Fast forward three years or so and I understand. These are not just any old socks.

Often there are reasons why the sock is made,
there is the delicious pleasure of choosing the yarn and pattern,
there is the knowledge that no one else has a sock exactly like it
and, most importantly, there is the chance to show the sock to other people who understand.

In fact, there's an entire community who can help if there are sock-ish problems and give virtual cheers at casting-off time.

It's ace around here.

I've talked about blogging to that same friend many times and always curbed my enthusiasm just a little.

Yet this is a friend who was using thrifted bedsheets to back her quilts, way back in the early nineties, and who has always hung a beautiful collection of vintage plates on her kitchen wall. She's someone who makes her own lip balm and is responsible for giving us our first sourdough culture.

The quilts she has made for me from pre-loved fabrics and teatowels are some of my most prized possessions.

She made the curtains for the beach hut. They speak for themselves.

In recent months I noticed a change. She began to tell me about blogs she was reading - lovely blogs I'd never heard of. I went off to find them, and wondered rather gleefully if she was being drawn towards the inevitable.

She was. She has. She's here, at ThriftyHousehold. It would be wonderful if you popped over to give her a wave.

Saturday, 3 September 2011


It's been tricky to find time to blog in recent weeks. There's been too much scooting and sliding and swimming and berry picking going on and, if I'm honest, employment of conciliation services for the odd loud and squawky holiday 'discussion' between the smaller members of the household. I've cursed the rainy days when the three of us couldn't go outside and kick the whatsits out of the pink sparkly football. There are only so many times we can thread beads, 'do baking' or build a pretend cottage for a toy monkey.

In the last week or so there have been a few small changes round here.

We're late arrivals at the sourdough party and our first attempts have been knobbly but I think we're hooked.

We've rummaged for tights at the backs of drawers and put them on.

I've been wrapped up in a vintage crochet blanket in recent evenings. At just £18 it was wrong to leave it on the stall.

I've started making a new silvery collection.

I've noticed some liquid, yellowish sunlight.


I know what most of these changes mean. I know that many of them are good things. It's old news that despite the good things I'm not so excited about the two seasons to come, especially the second one.

I think it's going to be OK though. Last year there was the splash of colour project.

This year there is a New Plan.