Monday, 7 November 2011

Making Winter:November mosaics

No knitted knickers, Me, The Quince Tree
Peeriemoot, Miss Red Riding Hood, Thrifty Household
Peeriemoot, The Quince Tree, Me

This first week of the Making Winter project has been wonderful and it has begun to work. I've only scowled at the grey sky once or twice, I've got my finger out and made wintry things and got out into the woods to take more walks. The range of seasonal creativity and images of cosiness, crafts and comfort foods appearing on blogs and in the flickr pool has been fabulous. Thankyou so much to everyone who has joined in.

Sue at the Quince Tree has introduced me to a new word: hygge. It's a Danish word that means to embrace winter with good food, good company, snuggling in and lighting candles.  It describes this project perfectly.

Mrs Thriftyhousehold and I noticed that light has been a strong theme this week. As the clocks changed back to GMT we have had less light during the day, pumpkins lanterns have been carved and lit, we made pinecone firelighters and flowerpot candles and of course we had bonfire night here in the UK. I thought this week could be summed up by light-themed mosaic from the flickr pool (see above)

There has been a good deal of beautiful yarn-based activities too. One of my resolutions as part of this project is to gain some yarn skills.

Green Rabbit Designs, Little Cotton Rabbits, Forestpoppy
Little Cottage Comforts, Greenteacomfort, Green Rabbit Designs
Hoola Tallulah, Knitsofacto, Little Cotton Rabbits

I'm going to be continuing with the hygge activities over the coming weeks and continuing to add pictures to the flickr pool:
  • Our willow wigwam has lost its leaves. It's a good time to start using this year's growth - I have potato sieve trivet and wreath plans.
  • Not So Granny lives in the next village and is holding a beginner crochet session in a couple of weeks. I'm determined.
  • Sunday 20th November is Stir Up Sunday. Mrs TH shall be tutoring me in the ways of making mincemeat 
  • We shall be sampling her homemade hedgerow liqueurs. 
Next month's Making Winter week will begin on Monday 5th December. I expect there will be homemade decorations and festive baking. I'm looking forward to it.


Country Rabbit said...

i love the images- thanks for sharing ;0)...i must take part in the next one x

driftwood said...

oh look at all those candles and wooly goodies, I feel all cosy x

Suzanne said...

Hygge is a Danish word for that cosy feeling!! Actually the Dutch for it is GEZELLIGHEID or gezellig. Same idea really - making the house or room feel cozy and warm and inviting etc. My scented candles have come out of summer hibernation and we are getting ready!!!
Suze x

Karen S Booth said...

I joined in too......a crisp and wonderful event thanks!
Karen @ Lavender and Lovage

mynestofyarnandbuttons said...

Lovely post and the mosaics are just wonderful. I think your idea is so brilliant, we can all learn from it and enjoy what is!!!! (a long cosy winter) Thanks for reminding us to look for the good, positive and beauty.
Love that new to me!

Suzanne said...

p.sp having trouble adding your button to my blog - any ideas? the code fails each time . . .:-(
Suze x

Cottage Garden said...

Oh my goodness this is third time lucky with my comment - Blogger is being very temperamental today!

Just to say Emma that I think this is the most brilliant idea and I will definitely take part next month. Phew - I hope this one works ....


backlanenotebook said...

I too am having trouble leaving comments here and on Thrifty Household today.
And how does one set up the button for Making Winter?
I love the philosophy behind hygge-that I share.

I wish I lived near enough to sample hedgerow liqueurs.

The Coffee Lady said...

If I had the energy, I would drum up some winter reading for you.

greenrabbitdesigns said...

Isn't it heartwarming seeing it all grouped together! :)
Definitely such a great idea!!
Good luck with the crocheting, you'll love it!
Vivienne x

Mrs. Micawber said...

Beautiful images!

I'm starting to feel that we need an English word to describe this fun activity. Where's Lewis Carroll when you need him?

Mrs. Micawber said...

I did leave a comment but it seems to have vanished - so I'll try again. Beautiful images!

Thimbleanna said...

Beautiful pictures Mrs. Pebble! I love all the coziness -- it definitely makes winter more bearable!

Belinda @ Wild Acre said...

Loved the hygge post too, now I have a word for it!

Please go to the crochet and then share what you have learn't on your blog - totally selfish request but I so want to get off the starting blocks with it!


Annie said...

Loving the mosaics, and how thrilling to see my little hat nestled there.
I just wish Not so Granny lived down the road from me ... I am determined too, but it's not getting me very far (although I do recommend Pip's Granny Square 101 at Meet me at Mikes).
Making Winter in the company of so many lovely people is really rewarding. Thank you Emma and Mrs TH :D

Sue said...

It's been a splendid idea Emma (and Mrs TH). I've enjoyed it tremendously and am feeling extremely hygged-up (apologies to Danes for taking liberties with their language). I'm looking forward to the next Making Winter event.

Thrifty Household said...

Great photo mosaics Emma! I'm thrilled that you seem to be getting that hygge feeling...& thrilled to learn such a fabulous word- thanks Sue!
As soon as I get back home we'll have to get cooking (Stir Up Sunday is less than 2 weeks away...)

Freda said...

An expressive Scottish term is to coorrie in, or coorrie doon - snuggle would be the English equivalent - just what all these lovely photographs make me want to do. It's been nice be a part of this lovely shared fun.

Poppy said...

Perfect images that capture Winter so beautifully!

Lou xxx

Jackie said...

As usual I am here for a catch up and what a glorious catch up its been. I am delighted for you to have got yourself into print AND on the telly! I will be asking for your autograph anytime soon.
I think I am embracing 'hygge ' this year. I am also enjoying my biggest winter project, my little puppy. I haven't stopped smiling since she arrived.
I'm laughing'll never guess waht the verification word is: ANGST!

Annie said...

Beautiful pictures. Really beautiful

Rachel said...

It sounds as though the project is proving a success - for a good many people

noknittedknickers said...

Such a fab idea, thank you both. And chuffed to have my sparkly lights included -really almost put off sending anything for now. Do persevere with the crochet. If I can, anyone can! C.x

Rowan said...

This is a wonderful idea - so many inspiring winter images.

Julie said...

Hygge - what a great word. I had been thinking of coorie, like Freda, too. I've still got some more blogs to hop but am loving the ones I have visited so far. Thanks for organising. Juliex

Hoola Tallulah said...

So much loveliness, thanks for sharing my pic :)

millefeuilles said...

Dear Emma,

I missed the boat this month but shall participate next time 'round and in the meantime I am keeping the winter fires burning over at my blog.

What colour is winter for you?

Locket Pocket said...

Your making winter project is definitely making me look at and think about cosy things this year. I'm planning some grey and red christmas sock knitting to jolly myself along. :o) Lucy xxx