Thursday, 25 November 2010

My Creative Space: Silver pinecone

It's definitely winter. Snow is coming, apparently.

The bitingly cold weather gives me an urge to grab some willow twigs and make a winter wreath with pine cones and things.  I'm also rather obsessed with making nature in miniature at the moment. As it is I have to scrub the kitchen floor and finish some silver fingerprint orders.

I did have time to make a little silver pine cone though. I grabbed three tiny willow twigs from the garden and made a miniature wreath (it's about 7cm in diameter). It's a start anyway.

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Sunday, 21 November 2010


A new member of our household arrived in the post recently. It was Lily, one of Jodie's kinder girls - I was completely elated to have won her giveaway  - I'd been eyeing these beautiful little hand-made dolls for about two years. When I opened the parcel I noticed something:

It's uncanny. They even share a taste in coats...

...and jaunty headgear (Lily's egg cosy hat by Mrs Bobo Bun).

They're inseparable. Thankyou Jodie, you have made two little girls very very happy.

Thursday, 18 November 2010

Silver pennants necklace

As I was saying...

It seems that necklaces with little flags on are quite the thing  and I've wanted to make one for a month or two. Silver clay can be a tricky mistress though. There's physics to be considered. At first I made attachment holes in the little flags. They hung too low on the chain and the holes ruined the look. Then I incorporated the wire into each little pennant so that it became part of the chain and it seemed to work. 

All I need now is a troupe of tiny pixies with little trestle tables and an urge for a street party. Failing that this will be on my stall this Saturday, at the Pick N Mix Makers Market in Holt, Norfolk and something similar may appear on etsy soon.

I realised that as well as the dining room table, my kitchen hob is often part of my creative space. I took this snap last night whilst I was cooking tea. I'm steaming carrots, frying little homemade burgers and firing silver bunting at the same time. All the major foodgroups are represented.

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The slight blog stutter last night was caused by a loud woofing incident, leading to a slip of the fingers whilst I was typing. The moral? Do not blog near a noisy dog.

Monday, 15 November 2010

Look what I found

Good grief, thankyou so much for your all your lovely comments on my first post. As Alice said, it was like a house-warming party. It feels lovely to know you've hopped over here with me.

I just found some pictures that were recovered from a catastrophic crash several years ago.

They were squirreled away in a 'recovered' file. I hadn't looked at them since they were taken.

They're all pictures of eldest who is about to turn five

It's even better than finding a ten pound note down the back of the settee.

Thursday, 11 November 2010

My Creative Space

Here is my new online home. Sadly Wordpress was not working for me. Simply updating the Wordpress silverpebble blog to a state in which an etsy widget may have been possible was so complex that it no longer made sense. 

So here I am, hoping very much that you've come over here with me (is anybody there?), and enjoying the feeling of a fresh start. I feel like sharpening some pencils. My original blog will still be there to serve as my archive but this is the new virtual place where I'll be sharing my jewellery-making.

My physical creative space is currently the dining room table shown above. My tools and silverclay must be cleared away or at least piled upon the sideboard before we sit down to eat. This is about to change. Youngest is about to move out of her cot. This is very exciting for her and slightly sad for me. I can no longer call her a baby - she's most definitely a toddler, if not a little girl.

As she moves out of this tiny room that has been her nursery I shall be moving in. This will be my new workspace, and the silver lining to my ambivalent feelings about the transition into her 'big girl's bed'. So, along with this new blog, I will have a room of my own.

It's all change around here.

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